Mar 252012

We are excited to announce that Let’s Go! Plus+ is now available on the Android Marketplace.

Let’s Go! Plus+ is a fun way to help manage your child’s behavior with your smartphone.

Let’s Go! Plus+ allows parents to quickly establish a fun and easy to use behavior management plan when going out to common activities. Our free Let’s Go! app covers five activities: going to a store, going to a restaurant, going in a car, going to worship, and going to a birthday party. Let’s Go! Plus adds three additional activities (going to school, going to a playground and to the doctor), allows you add your own activity and goals and your child’s photo, and has a data base in which you can save your child’s results.

Each of the eight preset activities has four simple behavior goals (such as using a quiet inside voice and staying with a parent) and two individualized rewards (a smaller and a larger one). After the activity, the parent rates the child’s behavior on each goal, and then an animated reward screen shows the child how he or she did on the goals, and if a reward was earned (either the smaller or larger one). Let’s Go! Plus+ also has an option where an individualized activity and goals can be set up by the parent.

Each activity has a link to an additional screen that describes typical reasons for behavior problems and parenting strategies that can be used along with the reward plan. Other special screens provide useful tips on goal setting and rewards strategies.

If your child earns the small or large reward, fun animations play on the result screens.

Many children benefit from clear behavior goals and reward plans. It can be especially helpful for children who have special needs of some kind who struggle with poor impulse control or poor frustration tolerance, or who need frequent coaching on appropriate social skills. Suitable for a child under 10, or for a child over 10 if there are developmental delays or behavioral concerns. Let’s Go! Plus+ is set up to be used with one child at a time. Coming next: Let’s Go! Family Pack which will allow behavior plans for several children in one handy app.

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